The Best Fabric to Use for Your Next Sewing Project

Cotton, chiffon, polyester or linen? Trying to decide which fabric is right for your sewing project can be maddening. Knowing which fabrics work best for which garment patterns seems to come instinctively to some people, but the rest of us may need a little help. The best way to approach the problem is to start by getting a basic understanding of why different fabric types work for different garments, but where do you start?

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Check your wardrobe

The best place to start is at home by looking at the clothes in your wardrobe. While many high street clothes are now made of cheaper synthetic materials, hopefully you still have some cotton and linen in there. What you might notice right away is that one type of material does not belong to one type of clothing; for example, jackets are not always made of linen and dresses are … Read More