Things You Should Carry While You Trek

Trekking is something we all love. But it is equally important that you carry the necessary items with you. This will not only make your trek a bit convenient but also might save your life. So, the first thing that you should need is a stainless steel water bottle. Having a water bottle keeps you hydrated and since it is stainless steel that means you are contributing to the environment as well. The following are other items that you should be carrying with you while trekking.

  • Trekking shoes

Shoes are an essential part of your trekking. Wearing a suitable pair of shoes can make your journey comfortable. So, before you start your trek put on your trekking shoes. They are waterproof, sturdy and can withstand all types of terrains and weather.

  • GPS device

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It tells you your location and can be of great help if you are lost or don’t know your way out. You don’t always find people around you in such locations, so this device becomes very handy. If you have GPS on your phone it is fine, otherwise, buy a GPS device before your trek.

  • Sunscreen lotion

When you trek on high altitudes, it is apparent you will be facing a lot of sunshine. The harmful UV rays of the sun can be damaging on your skin especially if you are hiking on a snowy mountain. Sunburns and tanning of the skin are a common sight. So, make sure you are carrying a sunscreen lotion with you with a high SPF factor. It will keep your skin protected.

  • Swiss army knife

You must be wondering why you would need a swiss army knife. Well, this can be a very useful tool for you in certain situations. So, make sure you buy one before you set off.

  • Backpack

A good backpack is a must-have gear for trekking. It can keep your belongings in an organized manner. You can have easy access to your stuff. Go for backpacks that are waterproof and comfortable on your shoulders as they will protect your stuff from water and snow and you from shoulder and back pain.

  • Flashlight

A flashlight can be a lifesaver especially when you are starting your hike at night. It can also be handy when you are heading back, and it gets dark.

  • First aid kit

Needless to mention, every traveler should have a first aid kit with him all the time. While trekking you may have minor injuries or cuts. Having a first aid kit with you can be very helpful in these situations. Make sure you keep some painkillers and other necessary medications in the kit.

  • Food/ Snacks

You don’t want to be starving in the middle of your hike with no food around you. Make sure you are carrying light snacks along so that you don’t get run out of energy. If possible, include some glucose items or chocolates for instant energy.